League of Legends // Absolution Environment Textures

This third cinematic for Riot wrapped up the Sentinels of Light event in 2021, and I was so pumped to have the chance to work in the Shadow Isles!! Rocks are high-key one of my favorite things to paint, so getting to play with all these stone and rubble textures was a dream. Working alongside so many brilliant artists, I had the opportunity to grow my texturing skills and learn a lot about contributing to a composition.
I’m still blown away by how much we managed to accomplish with such a small team - the people on these productions are absolute champions. Shoutout to my friends in the texture squad, Anastasia Shiyankova, Chris Ostrowski, and Florian Herold; y’all rock! ;D

An extra special thanks to the environment artists Andrew Scott, Kerr McNicol, and Lucas Tebib for modeling such a hauntingly beautiful environment for us to paint (and destroying it so wonderfully!)

And many praises to our masterful art director Almu Redondo and CG Supervisor Spike Dauner for all the amazing knowledge and guidance in bringing this together.