The Book of Cain

Around 2018 I fell deep down the rabbit hole that is medieval bookbinding and since then have been experimenting with different techniques to supplement more traditional tools. I created this model as part of fabricating the Book of Cain from Diablo III for a cosplay commission. I’ll be the first to note that efficient polygon usage definitely went out the window near the end while I was focused on smoothness and detail. I had originally planned to carve it on a CNC router out of wood so I had to be very careful to avoid any overhanging geometry/make sure it had a flat back, but in the end 3D printing ended up being the much more afforable route to go. The finished prop contains +200 pages of thick, tea-stained cotton paper with Nepalese Lokta endsheets and plywood covers wrapped in pleather.

Disclaimer: The Book of Cain that I’ve created is a blank journal, and only contains the knowledge of the Horadrim via the magic of Photoshop! The illustration in this concept was created by the artists of the Diablo III: Book of Cain and is property of Blizzard Entertainment. That being said, if Blizzard would happen to be interested in working together to make an official bound copy of Diablo III: Book of Cain for the office or something I would be extremely down for that! :D