Riot Games Creative Contest 2017: Baron Pit
Peter burroughs 1 baronpitbeautyshot
Peter burroughs 2 baronpitconstruction
Peter burroughs 3 baronpittexture
Peter burroughs environmentthedarkseal
Peter burroughs 3
Peter burroughs 4
Peter burroughs environmentcoloranalysis
Peter burroughs baronmapreference

View of Summoner's Rift from Riot Game's League of Legends

Peter burroughs overgrownenvironmentreferencescompressed

For the 2017 Riot Games contest on Polycount, I tackled the creep den and turret. I really love the visual update that was made to Baron when Summoner's Rift was overhauled, and I think Baron Pit could be even more epic! After some thought, one area I see for improvement is the backstory of the environment. Narrative isn't the focus in matches of League of Legends, but even though this isn't a story-based game, I think we can push the story-telling more in the environment itself. My thoughts for Baron Pit:

"The site of a dilapidated shrine. Though the Corrupted Wyrm was nigh unkillable, in a heated battle, 5 summoners were able to force Baron into the sacred temple and seal him away. Over many years, the stories have become myths, and the temple fell into disrepair. With the Dark Seal broken, Baron has reappeared on Summoner's Rift."