VALORANT // Duality Prop Textures

I'm so excited to share this first cinematic I got to work on for Riot Games as a part of the texturing team at Axis Studios! I worked on a series of prop and environment textures while learning the Axis workflow under the patient guidance of Craig Herbertson, and my contributions include texturing on the gunship, crate, and various bits and bobs around the alley scene. I was constantly amazed and impressed by our team at every step of the way, and I very much appreciate their willingness to take a chance on me for this production!

An extra shoutout to Greg Lowson for tracking me down for the project, my new friends Anastasia Shiyankova and Chris Ostrowski in DMP, our amazing AD Almu Redondo, and our masterful Bianca Herold, Sunrise Ishimwe, and Rosealee Higgins in production for making things run smoothly! To see more about the project, check out the official Axis Studios website here: